Giggles & Geeks | Restaurant was re-founded by Abu Legacy ( Bumiputera ) on the ethos of inexpensive the best western food and recently have shifted to Halal Business, by offering quality western and local cuisine in Cyberjaya, where friends from every corner of the world have become loyal patrons.We’re constantly thriving our best to serve the best food in Cyberjaya and become the best place to eat in Selangor


  • Prior to becoming the new Co-Owner of Giggles & Geeks, he experienced in the hospitality and culinary field for roughly 20 years.  Acquired the rank of Executive Chef in the hotel kitchen of 2nd Commis. Chef Abu Dzarrin also served several 5-Star Hotels throughout his 20 years as a chef.

    Chef Abu Dzarrin

  • Best western food ever you can get in Cyberjaya, or even Selangor. Giggles & Geeks deliver the most delicious food and refreshing drinks you will ever have in Selangor. From the atmosphere, services to cuisine, everything just set the mood right up!


  • The chilling, calming and relaxing atmosphere at Giggles & Geeks is all I dig for from this Restaurant. Whenever I feel lousy and tired after a long day of working, I always visit Giggles & Geeks to have a sip of their Double Espresso to get my mood together.